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People from all over the world have written about Bhutan in blogs, forums and magazines, some of which are out of date due to change in geography, policies and with time.

Bhutan consistently features as a top hotspot tourist destination for travelers from all over the world and many travel products have been explored in line with the change in the taste, requirements, habits and preferences of the tourists.

A dedicated core team from Bhutan Swallowtail will be updating on a regular basis about everything regarding Bhutan and make this page into a one-stop information center.

AmanKora in Bhutan

Posted by Sonam on Fri November 2, 2018 in Travel Tips to Bhutan.

Of the many international chain of star hotels and combos, AmanKora is the No.1 in terms of star and value for money.

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Tshering Pem

Posted on Mon October 8, 2018 in Bhutan Swallowtail Tour Directors.

For all the guides every tour is the same; we go to the same place and we say the same things all over again but I keep in the mind that for the most of the guests it’s a lifetime experience hence I provide with the best of everything.

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Help Preserve Culture and Monuments

Posted on Thu September 6, 2018 in About Bhutan Swallowtail.

Understanding the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and its monuments Bhutan Swallowtail Travels have been actively extending financial supports in our small capacity in restoration and maintenance of the same.

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Support Schools with Reading Books

Posted on Thu September 6, 2018 in About Bhutan Swallowtail.

Under the Royal command of the Fifth King, Bhutan observed Year 2017 as a Reading Year emphasizing the importance of reading in the schools and community. The nation wants every students, teachers, community, arm forces, and lay people to be able to read and broaden their horizons.

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Bhutan Swallowtail Scholarship Program

Posted on Wed September 5, 2018 in About Bhutan Swallowtail.

It began with a face book post – “my students wearing the same old shoe for so many years,” it read. The writer, a teacher in a remote primary school had posted a picture of himself stitching what looked like some very old children’s shoes.

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