• Attractions of Manas National Park
    A Must See Places at Royal Manas Park

Attractions of Royal Manas National Park

Royal Manas National Park being the oldest park in the country and popular for nature lovers for birding, wild life viewing and water sports, it has also number of attractions, land-marks. People of the region also have unique culture and are known for living on maximum number of wild plants for the regular diet.

Trong Heritage Village in Zhemgang

One of the attractions of Zhemgang is the Trong Heritage Village, an array of traditional stone masonry houses built on a hillock overlooking the imposing Zhemgang Dzong/Fortress...

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Bjokha Village Excursion

Excursion of Bjoka and nearby villages is one of the key attractions of the Park and will add on to a unique cultural experience of ancient culture, traditions and beliefs...

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Dunmang Natural Hot Spring

The herbal plants/soil and the mineral rocks combine to give the hot-springs a powerful natural healing of various medicinal values which is considered to cure many diseases and ailments.

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Snow Capped Mountains and Waterfalls

Though the Royal Manas National Park is famed for wildlife viewing, nature adventure and exotic birding experience, however en-route to the Park you will be driving through  High Mountain passes...

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