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Posted on Wed September 5, 2018 in About Bhutan Swallowtail.

It began with a face book post – “my students wearing the same old shoe for so many years,” it read. The writer, a teacher in a remote primary school had posted a picture of himself stitching what looked like some very old children’s shoes.

It struck a familiar chord for us here at Bhutan Swallowtail. While Tashi Wangmo had worked for Save the Children in Bhutan to benefit children in remote villages of Zhemgang, I (Sonam Dendup) have endured many such childhood years when owning a decent pair of shoes was a luxury, which, most often, I could not afford.

We realized that it was an opportunity for us to try and help such children in support of their education and schooling, who, despite a passage of time of over 4 decades, were going through the same circumstances.

Thus we decided to help. And we are very happy to have arrived at that decision.  We are currently supporting 9 children in Melongkhar Primary School in Trashi Yangtse district in East Bhutan, about 3 days of drive from Thimphu. The school, located about 3 hours walk away from the nearest motorable road, caters to economically disadvantaged community that survives on subsistence farming.

We would like to consider this as a beginning, and be able to provide such support more in the coming years. We want to enable such children to continue their education, who would otherwise, given the circumstances, drop out of the school – and eventually lose the opportunity to break free from poverty and hardships.

In that, we would like to thank our guest, who traveled to Bhutan through Bhutan Swallowtail, for making this possible. This contribution remains much appreciated.

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