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    Thimphu City Tour

Thimphu City Tour (Full Day)

Thimphu is not just the average capital city one usually expects this part of the world. Apart from the unique combination of the ancient and the modern, Thimphu abounds in architectural grandeur and warm hospitable Bhutanese ever ready to please and make you even happier in the land of Happiness.

This full day compact cultural extravaganza will take you to the local farmers market; give you a chance to delve into the local arts and crafts and an excursion of the usual tourists hot spots.

A knowledgeable and fun loving tour guide and a luxurious vehicle will take you for your cultural extravaganza as you explore and discover the Thimphu valley. Start off your day by first visiting the Memorial Chorten/Temple that depicts larger than life sizes of deities with some 36 of them in erotic poses! Circumambulate the Chorten three times in a clockwise direction along with the locals and don’t forget to make a wish to the wish granting statue of the Buddha. Go on to meet the national animal of Bhutan, the Takin, an exotic and weird looking animal with the head of goat and body of a cow. Marvel at the story as your guide enthusiastically talks to you about the legend behind this unique creation. Next, a visit to the Centenary Farmers’ market will enthrall you as you witness the Thimphu residents negotiate with farmers for the freshest and organic products of the region. Don’t hesitate and make your purchase of the season’s choice of fruits, which are locally grown and fully organic. After a sumptuous Bhutanese lunch, watch the students of the National Institute of Zorig Chosum (Arts and Crafts) as they learn the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. To continue, visit the Royal Textile Museum, a state of the art textile Museum showcasing an exemplary display of the art of weaving and textiles. Currently the Museum also has on display the bridal dress and the hand crafted shoes worn by Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema during the royal wedding in 2011. A visit to the spectacular Tashichho Dzong meaning “Palace of the Glorious Religion” will give you an insight into how in the ancient days massive fortresses were built in the traditional style without any nails or steel or architectural design or blue prints! This Dzong is an ostentatious display of the architectural grandeur of the Bhutanese.

To wind your day, your guide will take you to a local pub/bar where you can unwind and relive the day.