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Bhutan with a population of less than a million was never colonized by any foreign powers and therefore the Bhutanese Culture and Tradition had evolved through centuries. The unique Bhutanese Culture is seen through the way people dress, talk and while witnessing the century old masked dancers at various festivals in villages and regions.

The mega structures called the, "Fortresses" are seen standing elegant and majestic on the mountain top with the snow capped Himalayan mountains in the background.

Bhutan is a pre-dominantly a Buddhist country and Buddhism is a big part of any Bhutanese's daily life. All over Bhutan, one can observe happy people learning and practicing Buddhism by all ages, from school to offices, from 10 years village girl to 80 years grandmother.

Bhutan Luxury Tour

Bhutan is progressively becoming a top hotspot tourist destination famed for its pristine almost untouched nature, unique culture and traditions, and above all the high end luxury Bhutan Holiday. 

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Bhutan Cultural Tours

Bhutan Cultural Tour will take you through a cultural extravaganza of the valleys of Bhutan, Bhutanese cuisine, culture and traditions, stunning landscape and warm and hospitable people.

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Bhutan Trekking Packages

To make your trekking all the more comfortable you will be accompanied by your very own dedicated trekking team consisting of a trekking tour guide, a trained chef and helper, horse men and horses to carry your luggage.

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Family Tours

Does your family share common interests like nature and white river rafting? Inter-generational trip with grandparents, parents and kids would be a great family experience in Bhutan.

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Ultimate Bhutan Luxury Tour, The Aman Kora Journey

Most Luxurious Bhutan Tour

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Bhutan Adventure & Activity Holidays

With her rich forest, clean air and well-preserved natural vegetation Bhutan has lots to offer if you are looking for various Adventures, Activity holidays and wellness gateway.

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The Snowman Trek in Bhutan

The Snowman Trek is the most difficult and toughest trek in the world but also the most beautiful and rewarding of all the treks. This trek is physically demanding and is only meant for the very active, healthy and passionate trekkers.

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Bhutan Tour with Meditation, Yoga & Trekking Retreat to Bhutan

Get away from fast moving hustle and bustle city life, travel to Bhutan and take refuge in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, breath in fresh air, get calm, go slow, be present and tap into the healing power of nature that Bhutan has to offer. Experience a range of Bhutan’s luxury hospitality with range of Buddhist Meditation and Yoga classes and Bhutanese Traditional healing Ayurveda and herbal medicines.

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Bhutan Flower Tour

The Bhutan Flower Tour will take you on the Himalayan Mountain ridges with spectacular views of the Himalayas, shimmering glacial lakes and discover and learn about some of the most beautiful flowers in Bhutan in its natural habitat. The Expedition includes a 3 nights camping and 4 days trekking

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