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Mountain (Enduro) Biking

The rugged terrain, high mountains, the snow capped Himalayas, rich vegetation and thick forest; Bhutan has it all to make a mountain biking one of the lifetime experience.

The trails runs through 100 percent natural and riders will come across rocky gardens, loamy and gnarly sections and it may be challenging or even risky for some are not professional in mountain biking. In order to mitigate the risk, we will have a local biking tour guide who knows the trails and can lend technical know how and advices before you actually hit the sections.

In order to understand the trail, we have scaled the trail from 1 to 10 where 10 is extremely difficult and challenging and 1 being the easiest. Each trail scaling is given below.

At the beginning of the ride, you will be briefed about the technicalities and nature of the trail. You will also be served with some energy drinks, tea and coffee.

What Bike should you ride?

Please consider the following important information:

  • Strongly suggest you use your own bike that you feel comfortable riding up and down the hill and the one you can trust,
  • Most of the trials are steep and technical, so advised to have your bike with more squish (100 – 140 mm of travel)
  • There will be lot of steep descending, larger brake rotors advised,
  • Most of the trails can be muddy, rocky, comfortable some sections of the trails are
  • Please ensure your Bike has Dropper Seats Post as the trail will fluctuate between steep down hill and flatter sections all over the ride in Bhutan.

What to Wear:

  • A full face helmet
  • Pads
  • Long Sleeves and Baggy Shorts
  • Hydration pack
  • Eye wear


Mountains Biking Routes

Route 1 : Kila Goemba to Paro Town

Natural Trail, Start Point - 3600 m, 7 out of 10 Difficulty,

Route 2 : Jele Dzong to Paro Town

Start Point - 3600 m, 13 Km Distance, Involves Technicals, 7 Out of 10 Difficulty, Shuttle the bike till Jele Dzong, Routes - Gnarly, Loamy and Rock garden

Route 3 : Taktsang Monastery to Paro Town

Start Point 2800 m, 1 and half Hour Bike Push uphill, On the Horse Trail, Idle Time to Start 1700 Hours, Approx Time Duration - 45 Mins

Route 4 : Tiger's Nest Monastery to Bumtdra to Sangachokhor

Start Point 3200, Highest 3800m, lowest 2800m, 1 Hour Estimated ride, Flowy and Technical Trail, 5 out of 10 Difficulty

Route 5 : Phajoding - Chokhotse - Wangdi Tse

Start Point 3460m, 4 Hours Push the bike, 1 hour Estimated Ride, fall to Thimphu City

Route 6 : Madman's Trail

Through Botanical Garden, 45 Mins on paved road, relatively easy ride, Approx. ride 1 Hour

Route 7 : Talo to Nobgang to Polic Station

Fantastic View of Punakha Fortress, 45 min Approx Ride, Relatively east ride

Route 8 : Tsho Cha Sa - Mountain Top to Suspension Bridge

Shuttle the Bike till Tsho Cha Sa, 1 Hour Approx. Ride, Involves Gap Jump and Bumps, Ramps and Drops, 6 Out of 10 Difficulty

Route 9 : Suspension Bridge - Somdingkha Bridge

More Pedal, 1 Hour Ride, Follow The River, 4 Out of 10 Difficulty

Route 10: Punakha to Sewla Goempa to Punakha

Distance 10 Km, Flowy Trails, Fit for all Levels of riders, Smooth and maintained trail

Route 11 : Khotakha to Molela to Nezegang

1 and half Hour Bike Push, Trail is technical and Flowy, Through rich vegetation, 12 Km Duration, 1 and half hour ride, Beautiful Trail with views of Punakha Fortress

Route 12 : Phobjikha Cross Country Ride

Start and End - Gantey Goemba, On the Nature Trail, Total Distance 52 Kms. Duration - 8 hours ride, hard as well as soft trail