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People from all over the world have written about Bhutan in blogs, forums and magazines, some of which are out of date due to change in geography, policies and with time.

Bhutan consistently features as a top hotspot tourist destination for travelers from all over the world and many travel products have been explored in line with the change in the taste, requirements, habits and preferences of the tourists.

A dedicated core team from Bhutan Swallowtail will be updating on a regular basis about everything regarding Bhutan and make this page into a one-stop information center.

Bhutan for Potographers

Posted on Wed March 7, 2018 in Travel Tips to Bhutan.

As you travel to Bhutan, you will learned that Bhutan is one of the least unexplored country in the world and ranked amongst the top ten ultimate tourist destination and global hotspots. Cradled in the folds of the mighty Himalayan ranges this tiny Kingdom of Bhutan- the peaceful Thunder Dragon remains an exotic destination and top of the bucket list for travelling. Situated on the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan sits inconspicuously in between two giant nations – China in the north and India to the south.

Sandwiched in between two mighty nations, Bhutan is an independent country and was never colonized by any foreign power (definitely not because of lack of trying)! History records show that Bhutan was invaded by both the countries centuries ago, but were successfully chased out and defeated.

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How to Get to Bhutan - The Last Himalayan Kingdom of Happiness

Posted by Sonam on Wed March 7, 2018 in Travel Tips to Bhutan.

Bhutan Traveler travelling to Bhutan can enter into this exotic tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan by Land and Air only.

Bhutan remained in its self-imposed isolation till the 1960’s and it was only in 1974 that the first ever motor-able roads were constructed. In 1983 the first Druk Air Dornier flights started operation. As of now, we have Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines, the only two airlines in the kingdom that ferry passengers in and out of Bhutan to the major cities of the neighbouring country.

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours and Travels is a licensed tour operator under the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The company is also an authorized ticketing agent of both the airlines.

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