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Bhutan for Potographers

Posted on Wed March 7, 2018 in Travel Tips to Bhutan.

As you travel to Bhutan, you will learned that Bhutan is one of the least unexplored country in the world and ranked amongst the top ten ultimate tourist destination and global hotspots. Cradled in the folds of the mighty Himalayan ranges this tiny Kingdom of Bhutan- the peaceful Thunder Dragon remains an exotic destination and top of the bucket list for travelling. Situated on the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan sits inconspicuously in between two giant nations – China in the north and India to the south.

Sandwiched in between two mighty nations, Bhutan is an independent country and was never colonized by any foreign power (definitely not because of lack of trying)! History records show that Bhutan was invaded by both the countries centuries ago, but were successfully chased out and defeated.

What makes Bhutan an exotic getaway? Bhutan boasts of a vibrant culture and heritage, and Bhutan travelers have graciously honored Bhutan as a having a living culture. As the only country in the world following and ardently practicing Mahayana Buddhism, religion plays a most important part and has shaped the way of living for the Bhutanese. Bhutanese people donning their traditional dress (men wear Gho and women wear Kira) everyday and everywhere is the first thing a tourist traveling Bhutan notices and already charmed by it.

As soon as the Druk airlines- the only international airlines in the Kingdom of Bhutan, lands in Paro, the only international Airport, you are transported into another dimension where clear azure skies, fresh clean air and traditional architectural infrastructure welcome you. Yes indeed Bhutan is not called a ‘Shangri-la’ for no reason. Since you are here on a holiday in Bhutan, the holiday mood is instantly infectious as the whole atmosphere here is complete peace, serenity like as if time has come to a standstill. No concrete jungles, traffic or crowds, no smell or sense of the rat-race, here is just a simple slow paced life – a distant cry from your home (maybe!)