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    Rafting with Kinley

Kinley Dendup

Posted on Tue September 4, 2018 in Bhutan Swallowtail Tour Directors.

To dive in straight to my positive traits, I am a highly passionate and “flexible” tour guide with the ability to motivate different sets of audience, has the ability to communicate effectively and possess a high degree of energy and enthusiasm making me one of the best tour guides with Bhutan Swallowtail.

Coming from a humble background from the remote east, I grew up determined to make my life more meaningful and colorful than the average Bhutanese. Meaningful maybe? Colorful - definitely as I get to meet tourists from all over the world, presenting Bhutan in all its unique culture and glory and most importantly sharing experiences of the two worlds.

Certificate & Awards

2017 - De-Suung Integrated Training Program

2015 - Cultural Tour Guide Certification Course

2015 - Comprehensive Sales Executive Training

2014 - Essential Computer Skills Workshop

2011 - Police Youth Partnership Program

Educational Background

2011-2012 - BCSE Major in Arts.


  • 7 Years Work Experience 
  • Highly Organized
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Pleasant Disposition
  • Punctual 


  • Reading, Dancing and Singing,
  • Playing and Watching Football 
  • Playing Archery - the National Game of Bhutan
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