• The National Dance during Thimphu Festival

Early Bird Discount Offer

This tour package include 4 nights of camping, engage and participate in Royal Highlanders' Festival by Mt. Jumolhari, experience and explore nomadic life of people at the high altitude and ends with natural hot spring of Gasa.

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Highlight of this Early Bird Discount is to experience and explore nomadic life of highlanders of Bhutan and witness Royal Highlanders' Festival at Dongochong, Thimphu. This Bhutan Highlanders' Festival happens at the Base of Mountain Jumolhari - one of the most spectacular second highest mountain of Bhutan located at the interior part of Himalayas.

We have come up with the best tour itinerary with dates starting from 29th Sept till 10 Oct and can view Royal Highlanders' Festival Tour Package for details.

However, if the dates are not feasible,Contact Us to tailor your holiday as per your preferences and requirements. 

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