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Druk Path Trek Cleaning Ownership

Posted on Wed September 5, 2018 in About Bhutan Swallowtail.

On 9 August 2018 the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Bhutan Swallowtail Travels signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and ensure preventions and management of waste along, “Druk Path Trek Route from Ta-Dzong in Paro to Upper Motithang in Thimphu”.


The growing issue of Waste Management in tourist destinations,


The need to take necessary steps to ensure prevention and management of waste along the trek routes, camp sites, road side amenities, village home stays and


The need to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to set out the working arrangements between the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Bhutan Swallowtail, the deed was thus signed. 

After elaborate discussion of each step from both the parties, on 26 August 2018 a team of 12 staff from Bhutan Swallowtail, one trekking chef, 15 horses and one horseman ventured with 60 big empty sacks, sickles, gloves, tents and some food items to clear all the trashes, cans and plastics, degradable as well as non degradable, organic as well as inorganic on Druk Path Trek Route – the most popular trek in Bhutan but also gravely polluted.


  • Trash management in and around each campsite at a 30 meters radius
  • Trash Management on Trekking routes at 15 meters radius
  • Provisions of sustainable clean drinking water and source at each camp site
  • Proper camp site management


Day 1 - From Damchena to Jala Dzong 

Total Trash Collected - 16 Sacks

Day 2 - From Jala Dzong to Jangchulhakha to Tsokam and Rauna

Total Trash Collected - 12 Sacks

Day 3 - From Rauna to Jimilangtsho & Janay Tsho

Total Trash Collected - 13 Sacks

Day 4 - JanayTsho to Simkota and Labana 

Total Trash Collected - 17 Sacks

Day 5 - From Labana to Phajoding and Motithang End Point

Total Trash Collected - 27 Sacks

Type of Trash Collected:

Plastic Trash - 34 Sacks

Glasses and Bottles - 13 Sacks

Tins and Cans - 17 Sacks

Others - 11 sacks

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