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  • “Most Popular Trek in Bhutan”

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360 Degree View Sagala - Trip Facts

  • The Altitude rises from 3000 to 4800 meteres above sea level
  • Includes 2 days before and after cultural tour 
  • Starts from Haa and ends in Paro
  • Difficulty : Moderate to Challenging
  • Accommodations : Camping Tents
  • Best Seasons : Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct and Nov
  • Good Season : August
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In the general, the climate in Bhutan is quite unpredictable due to the variation in the elevation and changing seasons. The southern foothills have a sub tropical climate with hot and humid monsoons, warm and pleasant winters. The central and higher alpine valleys have temperate weather, with pleasant summers and cold winters. The northern region of the country is above the tree line and most of the high mountain passes are covered in snow throughout the year.

Bhutan enjoys all the four seasons in a year and Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September – November) are the best times to visit Bhutan. If you wish to see the rhododendron and wild flowers in full bloom in the central valleys which is a total delight then spring is the best time to visit and also trek. Autumn is the best time for trekking as the skies are clear and less chances of rain and snow. During winter (mid-November-February) the temperatures fall down but luckily the sky remains to be an azure delight which elevates the sight of the snow capped mountains to a new level. This table shows you the most suitable times for trekking in Bhutan: 


Good: (***), Moderate: (*), Not good: (X) 


Trek Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Druk Path Trek x x *** *** *** * x x x *** **x x
Snowman Trek x x x* *** *** x* x x *** *** *x x
Jumolhari Laya Gasa Trek x x x* *** *** *x x x *** *** *x x
Gangtey Trek x x *** *** *** x x * *** *** *** ***
Bumthang Cultural Trek x x* *** *** *** x* x x* *** *** *** x
Bumthang Owl Trek x x* *** *** *** x* x x* *** *** *** x
Sagala Trek x x *** *** *** x x x* *** *** *** x
Mt Jumolhari Trek x x x* *** *** x x x* *** *** *** x
Dagala Trek x x *** *** *** x* x x *** *** *** x
Merak Sakten Trek x x *** *** *** x* x x *** *** *** x

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Your Tour Guide : Lobsang Nima

Bhutan Swallowtail Tour Guide

I am a certified Trekking as well as Senior Cultural Tour guide and have been working in this industry for the last 11 years. Its said that, 6 hours drive from Southern City of Phuntsholing to Capital City of Thimphu, you will come across as many bird species as you can find in the entire Europe Continent. Join me to discover, not only the age-old tradition and culture but also the wide range of Bhutan’s flora and fauna in the untouched pristine environment of Bhutan. 

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