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Attractions of Bhutan

In Bhutan, history and myths are one and same and so is the places and sites which are not only scenic and beautiful but also is the live showcase of our History

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The Burning Lake

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Membar Tso or the Burning/Flaming lake is another most sacred and religious place in Bumthang and also abound in the supernatural and the spiritual. Located few kilometers away from Bumthang town, Membar Tso is another holy site of Guru Rinpoche and Terton Pema Lingpa. Tertons are Buddhist saints and treasure seekers usually an incarnate of one of the disciples of Guru Rinpoche. Treasure here does not mean gold, silver or other precious stones, but actually means religious texts and artifacts. Guru Rinpoche deliberately hid such treasure in various places in Bhutan, so that the teachings of the Buddha could still be continued and would flourish forever. Over time, many tertons were born who discovered such treasures. Since the tertons are highly religious and spiritual minded,

The Flaming Lake

Guru Rinpoche would appear in their meditation or in dreams and visions showing them signs about the hidden treasure. This was how over the centuries, Buddhism continued to prosper in Bhutan as compared to its disappearance in Tibet and India. Today, Bhutan is the only country practicing Mahayana Buddhism. century, Terton Pema Lingpa, a treasure seeker, in his vision was instructed by Guru Rinpoche to uncover sacred relics from the bottom of the lake. However, the people did not believe Pema Lingpa and so to asce rtain what he said they all gathered at the lake. Pema Lingpa dived into the lake carrying a lit butter lamp in his hand. Minutes later to the astonishment of all he appeared with the lamp still burning in his hand and in the other hand relics and artifacts. This is how the lake came to be called Membar Tso, the Burning Lake.

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