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Attractions of Bhutan

In Bhutan, history and myths are one and same and so is the places and sites which are not only scenic and beautiful but also is the live showcase of our History

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The Tiger's Nest

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The 'Tiger's Nest' or the 'Tiger's Lair' in Paro valley is one of the most visited hotspot tourist attractions in Bhutan. Located around 900 meters above the Paro valley on a precarious almost vertical mountain cliff, Taktsang Monastery is truly a wonderful and spectacular sight in terms of its location, setting and history. It is one of the holiest sites in the Buddhist arena. In the 8th Century, Buddhist saint and harbinger of Buddhism to Bhutan, Guru Padmasambhava reverently known as Guru Rimpoche flew on a female flying tigress in pursuit of a demon that he subdued at the present location. Following which, he meditated in a cave and emerged in eight manifestations and blessed the place. In 1692, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye, the then secular ruler of Bhutan, built a temple to commemorate the holy site.

Presently the Monastery is a complex of temples that abounds in paintings, statues and artifacts. Taktsang is one of the most sacred sites which is a must visit at least once in a lifetime for a Buddhist and for a traveler a must see and visit travel destination for its sheer spectacular site and architectural delight. It is an hour and half climb uphill through the beautiful natural splendor of Paro Valley.

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