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Attractions of Bhutan

In Bhutan, history and myths are one and same and so is the places and sites which are not only scenic and beautiful but also is the live showcase of our History

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Dochula Pass and 108 Stupa

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108 Stupa and Dochula Pass 108 Stupa and Dochula Pass BhutanSwallowtail

Dochula Pass situated at 3150 meters above sea level and almost 30 kilometers away from Thimphu is a must stopover for every passerby travelling towards Wangdue, Punakha and eastern Bhutan. Every traveler, both international and the local Bhutanese people stop by at Dochula Pass just to breathe in the cool mountain air and greedily be immersed in the view for a few minutes out of the busy life and schedule. Dochula pass has fabulous views of some of the most beautiful and spectacular Himalayan Mountains such as the Masangang, Table Mountain, Tiger Mountain and others. 

The major eye treat is the 108 chortens/stupas built close to each other and surrounded by numerous colorful prayer flags. Yes of course one can walk in between the temples and admire the architectural splendor up close and enjoy the spectacular Himalayan ranges from amongst the temples. The 108 chortens were built by Queen Mother Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck to commemorate the victory and in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives during the war against the terrorists

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